…and the four right chords can make me cry.


I used to do this type of blog on a regular basis, and I sort of forgot about it until tonight. Basically I like to share a tune that I’ve been digging, so here’s this installment.

“Jesus, Jesus” by Noah Gundersen

Holy crap. This one is brutal. If there is one thing that I appreciate, it’s honest lyrics. I was sitting in a buddy of mine’s office and he played this song. I choked up more than once. It’s a guy struggling with things and singing a little song to Jesus. ┬áNot the church friendly kind, but probably more legit than what we’re singing in a lot of churches. Specifically:

Jesus Jesus, there are those who say they love you,
but they have treated me so goddamn mean
And I know you say forgive them for they know not what they do
but sometimes I think they do, and I think about you

As a guy who as traveled the church circuit in America extensively, I’ve come to appreciate the laments of the people far more than I appreciate the false joy. This one hits the nail on the head.

Dig it, friends.