God told me to get a calf tattoo.


My favorite thing that has happened today = someone got to my blog by typing “diabetes research” into google. I’d call that a win.

Has anyone ever actually purchased anything due to spam email? This thought crosses my mind often.  I get hundreds of emails that I never open, but surely someone is opening these emails and thinking, “why yes, I do want to refinance my mortgage. Maybe this fella who sends the emails can help.” Its supply and demand. If spam emails weren’t working, we would stop getting spam emails. I’d love to meet one of these people though.


It seems to me, after a significant amount of time in the summer sun recently, that male calf tattoos have made their way into society. I must have missed this memo, but as it turns out, the thing to do these days is get some wild tattoo on your calf, then change your walk in such a way as to draw attention to said tattoo. Sadly, your options for tattoos are limited to one of the following; 1) Flaming skull with blue and/or green background, 2) cartoon character gone wrong, i.e. bugs bunny with a revolver or 3) the always popular naked chick. Naked chick usually has either devil horns or a devil tail. I’m not excited for the day when Ewan asks me why the man in front of us at the store buying Keystone Light has a picture of a girl showing her privates to the world on the back of his hairy leg.

Ah parenting.

Lately Ewan has been telling us that God told him to do things he knows he is not supposed to do. Hilarious. Tonight he said “Dad, God told me to watch PBS Kids on the iPad.” Other times it’s “God told me I could have more jelly.”  I’ll of course need to squash this Republican spirt arising in him, but for the meantime it’s quite funny. I usually say “are you sure God told you to?” and he responds with an extremely confident “yep, God told me to so now I have to.” Lets hope he grows out of this before he turns 18 and God tells him to get a calf tattoo.