Well its good to know that you’ll be ok..


So we can all just agree that Black Friday turns seemingly normal humans into homicidal maniacs, right? Vonnegut says that West Point does the same thing, but thats neither here nor there. 

I went a week or so without internet.  We took the Marching Band to Chicago for the Thanksgiving Day parade, and the hotel had no internet.  Actually it did, but I had to pay for it, and who’s got the energy anymore?  So I went without.  Here’s what I realized:  I don’t actually need the internet.  Facebook is worthless and a bringer of insecurities, HuffPost is usually a huge bummer about the human race, and NFL.com is hard to read the week after a Chiefs loss.  Other than online classes, I actually have no basic need for internet.  Interesting.  

I had a week off of college, and I may have turned back into an adult.  Not to worry, I have to go back today (Yes, on a sunday) for a concert.  I’d say its the worst possible scenario for a nontrad with kids.  1:30 reherasal, 7:30 concert.  There goes the sunday, folks.  

I’ve been thinking lately about how bad of a car accident I would have to find myself in to accomplish the sweet mixture of 1) missing college classes just long enough for a break, but not long enough that I couldn’t recover, 2) keep me in the hospital just long enough to get some sympathy from the professors and only have to make up a fraction of the work, 3) no death, I dont have time, 4) No long term injuries.  A few broken things, and maybe re-learning how to walk? I’m still planning.. 

So, yeah, I’d say I’m not a fan of going to campus today.. 

If I’m in a mild but slightly serious accident on the way up, and the only logical explanation from the Highway Patrol is that the driver of the Volkswagen Golf steered his vehicle into a street light, or bridge embankment, no need to worry, I should be fine in a few weeks.  Ya know, right around Christmas break.

#notacryforhelp #justbeingfunny #dontreadintoit