12 reasons I know I’m 30..

Here’s something:

I’ve been a part the 30’s crowd now for nigh a month, and I’ve noticed a few things that are happening to my person these days. In no particular order, here are my “I’m 30 now” observations..

1) Taking a flight of stairs the other day, right? And I’m midway up and I’m thinking, “dang, I’m sore… sore from what?”  Exactly.  Sore from what? From living?!  I’m not overweight, I have no prior leg or knee issues, but a flight of stairs, for no good reason and without warning felt like Everest.  Strange…

2) When I sit down in any chair, for any reason, I sigh.  Not a big one, just the “taking a load off” sigh.  It could be my car, my desk at work, a chair in a classroom, the dinner table, anything.  Sometimes just to take it up a notch, when I sigh, I say “ok” in the middle of my sigh, again, for no good reason.  Something like this “ahhhh… ok…..ghhhh”

3) I can’t sleep through the night without getting up to pee at least once.  This started around 28 for me as a precursor to 30.  I actually think about how much water, beer, whatever, I’m consuming in the evening because I know that too much and I’m up…

4) I tell my high school kids stories that BLOW THEIR MINDS about when I was in high school.  Most recently I explained to them that when I was their age, if I wanted to call a girl, I had to call the house phone and ask for the girl.  Usually her dad answered.  The other kicker for them was that when we wanted to break up with someone back in the late 90’s early 2000’s, we had to do it in person or over the phone.  Even over the phone was weak.  You had to have some guts back then.  People skills too.  Texting has taken all things that are good away from our society.

5) I ramble about how texting has taken all things that are good away from our society.

6) I have now met a substantial amount of fellow humans who have never heard of the Gin Blossoms.  Thats a G.D. travesty.

7) (This is not necessarily 30, but I’ve just noticed it for me) My hair is leaving me on the top of my head (Lord knows its found other places to live..)  and I now have to think about the elements before I leave the house. As a man who teaches marching band, I have to consider that in the summer rehearsals, my head will burn, and in the winter football games, my head will freeze.  September and March are really the only two months of safety.

8) I really only drink coffee, alcohol, and water these days.  CRAZY amounts of coffee in the morning, every morning.  Recently I’ve noticed that the acid in coffee gives me heartburn, at least I think its heartburn.  I have had no experience with this thing they call “heartburn” before because well, I’ve always been in my 20’s before.

9)  Speaking of coffee and peeing in the middle of the night; If I have coffee after 12 noon, I may not sleep for days.. It’s got a hold of me. I have to look at the clock and really I don’t like to drink it after 11.  It’s just too close to 12, and 12 is the zero hour for me.

10) 2 beer hangovers.

11) I often will look at a 21 year old and honestly believe that there is no way I was that stupid at his age.

12) I appreciate things that I’ve never appreciated before.  I dig the leaves changing on the trees. I notice it everywhere I go.  I also appreciate my parents more. Being 30 and having kids, I can put myself into my folks shoes and understand with slightly more clarity where they’ve been in life.

I’m sure there are more and I’m sure I’ll think of them as soon as I post this… 13) memory slips..