Here’s what i am about i suppose..

Ahh, the “about me”…. Let’s see..

I am married to my high school sweetheart and love of my life, Amanda, and have been for some time now. We’ve created a couple of kids, Ewan and Matilda.  Once upon a time I was a professional musician, traveling hither and thither across this nation and others.  These days I spend my time in The City of Fountains, teaching music to the highschoolers of today.  I’m also desperately trying to finish up college so a lot of my blog is centered around my complaints on that end.. enjoy


*Random Useful Facts* (always evolving, keep checking back)

I’m a songwriter.

I’m a teacher.

I’m a liberal.

I really like to sit on my couch watching Seinfeld DVD’s for hours.

I struggle with depression but am afraid to admit it

I also have some pretty narly OCD’s, mostly concerning the bathroom. Not mine, but other peoples. And pretty concentrated to the shower.

I’m a P.K. (pastor’s kid) so i have some of the side effects of that, im sure.

My parents are divorced.

My parents are amazing.

I like Jameson Irish Whiskey and Beefeaters Gin more than i should.

I’m writing a novel i may or may not ever finish.

I’m mostly finished with it.

I have been mostly finished with it for a long time.

I like black coffee.

My wife and i have a compost pile and a garden in our back yard.

I’m contractually obligated to mention Risen Drums i think.

I’m afraid of a lot of churches. Afraid maybe isn’t the right word.  Maybe nervous.. I don’t know.

Myers- Briggs says i’m an extravert.  ENTJ to be exact.

Text messaging is the downfall of our society, yet i am in a texting world, so i have to appease.

I would have a pen pal if they still existed.

Slaughter House Five is the greatest book ever written.

Kurt Vonnegut is a genius.

I fell in love with my wife the fist time i saw her.

I still remember what she was wearing.