Clever title.

by bmccoy

College observation(s) of the day.  

Everyone is a “me monster.”  No one listens to each other.  It’s hilarious.  I sat and listened to two kids tell stories about how each of their grandmothers were going through stages of dementia.  It was not the conversation that adults would normally be having.  It was comparing stories of silly things each of their grandmothers had done.  One would wait, not listening at all, to the other one tell a story, not laugh when the story was finished, and then jump in with a story of their own while the first person was taking a breath.  It was exhausting to even stand within 20 feet of them.  College. 

Humans do not spend enough time in libraries.  Maybe they do, just not humans that I hear talking.  I have found a Mecca in the library on campus.  It is a disheveled old cubical that resembles a wood-paneled voting booth, except you’re sitting down in it.  It is far, far away from anyone.  The farthest back corner of the top floor of the library.  Every now and again I see another person up here, but not often, and when I do, they are just as annoyed to see me as I am to see them. Its wonderful. Its silent, anti-social, and one of the most peaceful parts of my day these days.  

I bailed on a math class just now because, well, its a math class and I’m 30.  I have no other reason, nor do I need another reason to bail out on a math class.  The teacher of that math class is my age, and pregnant with her first child.  If you think about it in terms of “who knows more about life and things that matter,” (which is the scale on which everything should be based) I should be teaching that class.  I’m going to look in to that.  

A lot of these kids live at home and bring lunches that were made by their mothers.  Say what you want, we all wish that was still happening in our own lives.  I got a look in one of these Mom lunches the other day and it was all things that are awesome about lunch.  A sandwich (with a LOT of meat.  I ration my shit, these moms are passing it out all willy nilly), a bag of Sunchips, some cookies, an apple, a Fruit Roll Up for God’s sakes! I didn’t know they still made those! Remember making the entire roll up into a ball and popping that thing in your mouth? Or fruit by the foot!! Come on.  There is no way they still make those.  I’ll report back if I find any.  One kid had a rice crispy treat.  Oh man.  One time, when Amanda was still making snacks that didn’t include the words “whey, soaked, raw, gluten free, and vegan,” she made Fruity Pebbles treats.  You know, rice crispy treats but Fruity Pebbles instead.  If you have not had that, you have not lived.

Thats all I’ve got.  Dwelling on college life for too long at once will put me in a dark place real quick.  I’ve got to stop while I’m ahead.