I’m seeing a need for positivity in the ole’ brain box.

by bmccoy


So at least the whole election season is over. Or as I like to call it “The Romney/Akin Scare of 2012.”  There was (at least in theory) a chance of Todd Effing Akin representing a guy like me on a national level.  Really makes ya think. 

Best election quote ever =  “Well it looks like tonight, in Missouri, Claire McCaskill legitimately raped Todd Akin… electorally speaking, obviously” -Jon Stewart.

Lets see, what else. 

I’m slowly learning what most people my age already know, and it’s this:  College can be quite a silly thing.  I started this semester with a mindset that I needed to read every word that was assigned to me, go to every class, every time, and really dig in and learn the subjects I’m studying. 

Turns out, most of that is untrue. At least for an undergrad. 

I’m also incredibly unimpressed with some of the work assigned to me. It’s busy work. Silly things.  The other day I had to go to a computer lab and print out two opposing opinions regarding the election. I then had the daunting task of printing said opinions out, stapling them together, turning them in, and going about my day.  This is a class that I’m paying roughly $700 to take. It’s a glorified real-life-word-search.

College: the hoop you have to jump through to do something you’d probably be better at with 4 years of “on the job training.”  

I guess there has to be a safe place for ultra-conservatively raised children to get drunk and have sex though, so colleges are doing something. 

Best (mostly relevant) college quote ever = “Here is a lesson in creative writing. First rule: Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you’ve been to college.” -Kurt Vonnegut

I’m going to work on being more positive.  Its quite difficult for me. It’s not even that I’m grouchy or angry, its that I just think that discussing negative things is way easier. Next blog is going to be positive. Happy times.  

Speaking of Happy Times. 

(this is a true story)
In Claycomo Missouri-which is the least original name of a city in history. Clay Country Missouri! Hire someone with a background in naming interesting cities or something! An abbreviation is not a name!- There use to be a t-shirt shop called Happy Times. One time when our band (Three Way Stop for those of you following along at home) was getting ready to go on a tour, we ordered a hefty supply of shirts from Happy Times.  The dude that ran the place was quite old, smoked in the shop, less than classy, etc. I showed up the day before we were supposed to hit the road to pick up the shirts and he had not even started our order.  I was 19.  He was either 137 or 138 years old.  I made a scene.  In public. My first (certainly not my last). I yelled. There were people in the store looking at me. He smoked a cigarette and didnt apologize. He blamed me.  I was in a tailspin of profanity.  I stormed out of the store and told him I was suing him for the lost profits for our tour (what does that even mean?!).You get the idea. That was maybe 2003? I’ve had an angry spot in my heart since that day.  The guys in the band still bring up the story of me losing it on the Happy Times guy. 

So back in May Happy Times burned to the ground. First thing that came to my mind when I saw it on the news: The guy messing up my order. I felt a little justified

I’m not proud of that. 

All that to say.  Who’s got two thumbs and needs to focus on the positive?? 

Next blog. Super positive 



PS: Let the record indicate that if the Happy Times fire is under investigation, it was not me! I’m just a dissatisfied customer. Surely there are more of us…..Bueller?