A day in the life..

by bmccoy

iPhone post.
I’m that guy.

Typing away feverishly on my phone. I have the face of a stern man; a furrowed brow, an intentional avoidance of eye contact with passers by. If I were wearing a suit and in an airport I would be perceived as doing some sort of business. If I were in front of my students I would appear to be taking care of some pressing matter pertaining to the advancement of music education at Oak Park High School. If I were wearing scrubs and walking fast one would think I was typing information to save lives.

As it exists today, I am at a picnic table on a college campus with a pencil in my mouth and sunglasses on. I’m wearing a collared shirt that is not buttoned all the way, showing a little chest. Only here is the persistent iPhone typer judged accurately. Someone walks by and assumes I’m dicking around on the Internet, killing time. It’s what the airport businessman, the doctor in scrubs and the teacher are doing too, we just like to think they aren’t.

I had to give a presentation today on some antiquated religion called Mithraism. It was the first time in my life that I had to create a PowerPoint presentation. It was silly, but such is college. I got to experience life as a Gen Ed college professor for a minute and that is not awesome. Most of the students in my class were wearing pajamas. Wake up! It’s 10 o’clock in the morning! They stared blankly as I faked enthusiasm to get a grade. No one responded to anything I said. They didn’t care. I didn’t care. One big fucking formality, then you get a degree. I dig the class though.

I moved from that class to my clarinet class (yep, I said it) where I listened to the 60 year old me talk about how much music education has changed and how they don’t make clarinets like they used to. I love listening to this guy talk. He’s hilarious. We all had our clarinets in hand, ready to play and by the time his lecture was over, class was done. I love it. These old guys have all the knowledge and these 20 year olds don’t know what to do with it.

After clarinet, I took an online sociology quiz. I have no memory of the quiz, the class info, the teachers name, what sociology is, or anything else. Needless to say, I got an A on the quiz.

Lunch break and off to play intermediate level drumset music. Then home to read about God knows what.