I like the sound of my own voice, didn’t give anyone else a choice

by bmccoy


I’m sorry for having gone dark so soon after pushing this boulder up the hill again. I have a love/hate relationship with this blog you see. Everyday I think of things to “blog” about, or I get worked up about some idiot GOP member and want to vent via blog, and everyday, I choose not to.

I’ve narrowed down the reasons why I choose not to blog, and they are as follows:

1. I’m not as narcissistic as I used to be. This is not at all a slam on legitimate bloggers, but I know that I used to be WAY more concerned with what I have to say than I am now. 

2. I really like to read.  This deters from blogging because I like to read long-ass novels. Currently I’m working my way through all 900 pages of David Copperfield. When I have free time, I choose to read rather than blog usually. 

3. I lose my filter when I blog, and that filter is likely what keeps me in positive relationships with people around me. You see, deep down on the inside, I think a lot of terrible things. I’m not proud of that fact, I’m just speaking the truth. I have (and Amanda would tell you different) mastered the art of my verbal filter, which has kept my friends enjoying my presence.  My typing filter has not learned the skills that my verbal filter has learned, and therefore I tend to blog things that I don’t actually want people to read, which brings me to my next point.. 

4. I’m not thrilled with the sound of my own voice. I have a decent anecdote from time to time, but for the most part, I’m quite uninteresting. 


now, despite my tendencies to ignore this silly blog, I really would like to keep up with it. I started college officially this week, and already the thoughts are flowin. I’ll keep ya updated.