….to sleep no more.

by bmccoy


Me and Sleep, we’ve never really seen eye to eye.

As far back as I can remember, I have found it extremely difficult to fall asleep unless I’m crazy tired. Tonight is one such night. I’ve recently conceded defeat and decided to try again later.

The stages of not being able to fall asleep.
1.Excitement (i’m going to bed at a decent time)
2. Worry (I hope it’s not one of my “don’t sleep” nights)
3. Hungriness (this too shall pass)
4. Sweaty legs (but the fan is on?)
5. New song lyrics randomly pop in to head (i’ll remember in the morning) <—-you never do.
6. Heart racing (When did i have my last cup of coffee… after 2pm.. NOOOO!!)
7.Checklist (did i close the garage?)
8. looking at the clock to see how much time has gone by since the last time you looked at the clock and then counting the time until your alarm goes off in the morning, and thinking that if you fall asleep in the next 5 minutes, you’re still good. (self-explanatory)
9. Extreme rage at your body (“I’m not getting up, screw you! I’m falling asleep!”)
10. Defeat. (I wonder if HuffPost has updated in the last 45 min?)

Here’s the worst part. I’ll be sleeping like a log around 6am, when Ewan jumps up and wants to ride his bike outside. The part worse than the worst part? Tomorrow is Amanda’s sleep in day. Yes we have designated sleep in days. You folks without children wouldn’t understand, and you’re probably feeling better than we child rearing folk every day.