The accountant with shingles

by bmccoy


My wife had shingles a few years ago, and since then, I’m convinced that every pain in my side is an early warning sign.
All that to say, my side hurts right now, and it’s likely shingles.

I just had my first performance with the college percussion group. Two thoughts. 1) wasn’t as bad as I thought to be the old guy. 2) college kids haven’t learned how to handle pressure and not choke in front of an audience.

Performing classical music written on paper is so much more chill than performing a song you wrote in your gym shorts while drinking coffee and contemplating your own existence. If people don’t like your performance and you’re reading music, blame the music. When you’ve written a song and people don’t like it, blame your parents. Or just work harder and write a better song. Lazy.

Songwriting is for the birds.

So is classical music.

Maybe I’ll become an accountant. I can wear a tie.

Your mom can wear a tie (college humor. Get used to it. Ha! )